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Gindonesia: Tiki Night

At Monsoon Restaurant, November 16th, 2014

Ginthusiasts met up at Monsoon, a Capitol Hill restaurant that serves delicious Vietnamese food, where Seattle’s best bartenders and judges went head-to-head in a showdown for the Best Tiki Cocktail. There was fire, explosions, spice, punches, and sweet tasting Gin concoctions. Stay tuned for a more dynamic display of the night…

Tiki Nights winners were…….

–   1st Place: Aaron Kimmel of Ocho

–   2nd Place:  Brady Sprouse of Olivers Twist and Rob Roy

–   3rd Place: Jack Sanders of Ba Bar

–   Wild Card: Ryan Lobe of Rumba and Roux


Ginsation: Washington Winners

At the W Hotel’s Trace Bar, November 6th, 2014

Ginthusiasts got together on Thursday to celebrate the finest gins of Washington State: Kur Gin, Halcyon Gin and Seattle Distilling Gin were set-up for tasting, and were all featured in a specially-designed cocktail menu from Trace Bar. 3 Howls’ Navy Strength Gin and Captive Spirits’ Bourbon Barreled Big Gin somehow also made it to the shot and cocktail glasses…

Big Gin Spin

October 18th, 2014

Our first fall event was held at the Fisherman’s Restaurant, where attendees had some of our own Big Gin Punch and the spicy Bourbon Barreled Gin, along with tasty seafood appetizers. We then walked over to Copperworks Distillery and tasted the Malt Barrel Gin while Micah educated us on the larger distilling process. Finally, everyone got their thrill on the Great Wheel!

Third Annual Ginvitational

April 26th, 2014

A Spirits Judging and Tasting Event

The 2014 Ginvitational was held at the Columbia Tower Club, at the 76th floor. We sampled over 24 different gins over a 360 degree view of Seattle.


Gin Iron Bartender

At Liberty Bar, March 30th, 2014

8 bartenders, 3 judges, no preparation, 10 minutes each = Oh yeah.

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